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Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive.  Please contact us if we can provide you additional information. 

What makes Simply Enchanted different than other princess party businesses in our area?

When I started Simply Enchanted, I only wanted to offer a service that would be considered “one of a kind”.  When you book your party, you are speaking with the owner and the person who will be attending your party! What you see on my website is what you get and I can always guarantee that your princess will be a singer. I do not send out other actors in my stead unless we have a specific agreement. If you book two characters, feel confident that they are also professional actors and singers to truly enhance the interaction they will have with you and your guests; Our costumes are designed and crafted to be film & theme park quality; Each event is treated as unique and we will customize an itinerary to meet your needs; Each character will arrive with her Royal Attendant to help with games, entertaining and set-up.  Our clients expect high quality and we will not disappoint.  


How do I book a party?

It's never been so easy to book your party! Fill out our contact form with your requested date/time/character and city and once we determine what fits both of our schedules, I will send you a contract to be filled out and mailed back along with a deposit of 50% of the party package you choose. A check can be included with your contract or we can send you an invoice through Pay Pal. Please note that your party date is not secure until we receive the contract and deposit. The final payment is due by the end of your party. The Royal Attendant will have an invoice with your total and can accept cash or check. We do not carry change for cash transactions.

What is a "Royal Attendant" and why do I need one at my party?

Simply Enchanted is dedicated to creating the most magical and professional experience possible. For that reason, my Royal Attendant would greet you and set up before your character's "magical" entrance. She helps keep the party organized and running smoothly, handles all business aspects and questions so the princess never has to break character and can stay focused on what's important, entertaining your child and their guests! Thus giving you and your little princess the most magical experience possible!


Why can’t you offer Disney characters or superheroes?

Disney characters and most superheroes are protected by copyright.  We offer only characters from uncopyrighted fables or legends.  If our characters look similar to media characters, please look no further than the original tales they come from.  Companies such as Disney often embellish on the original design from fables and fairytales.  Therefore, when we design our costumes, we return to the original stories for our design inspiration.   


How far will you travel?

We are able to travel anywhere in Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut & Massachussetts.  Please note that we do charge a fee per mile if the party or event location is beyond 30 miles from our starting point of Westerly, RI.  Please ask at the time of booking what that fee is as it is based on current gas prices.


Do you just do children’s parties?

No, we enjoy providing character parties for all ages.  We are available for fundraisers, grand-openings, bridal & baby showers, weddings, and much more! We do not, however, perform at events of an “adult” nature. 


Will Simply Enchanted be adding characters for boys in the future?

Yes! We are hoping to do this soon and have many ideas.  If there are characters that you would like to see, we are interested in suggestions. 


Princesses are great, but what about if my child has guests that are boys?

We want every prince & princess to enjoy the festivities, so during the party planning we will be asking how many of each we can expect.  We make sure our princes have just as much fun as our princesses! Our activities are planned to include both boys and girls!


Do I have to tip the performer?

Gratuities are not required, but always appreciated. 


Why are your parties only 1 hour to 90 minutes long?

Children are full of energy and don’t like to focus for long periods of time.  Keeping them occupied with certain activities will appease them for a while, but eventually they're ready to move on.  We understand your child will want to open and play with their gifts or simply just be with their friends.  A party that lasts 1 hour to 90 minutes is plenty to get everyone having fun and gives them enough stimulation to calm down later.